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Exhibition Halls > HALL A


Exhibition Area of Hall:

Total Ground Floor Area:   4000 m2


  • Area with clear height of 35 ft.:   2928 m2
  • Area under mezzanine with 13 ft.:   972 m2

Total:         4000 m2

Approximate Shell Scheme Stalls:       175(3x3 mtr. each)

Other Facilities in Hall:

  • Meeting Rooms: 02 Nos.
  • Event Organizer Offices: 02 Nos.
  • Conference Rooms 01 Nos.
  • Washrooms: 18 Nos. (Ground Floor)
  • 12 Nos. (Mezzanine Floor)


  • Rate for raw space during Event Days   Rs. 1,200,000 per day (08 hrs a day)
  • Rate of raw space for   Rs. 200,000 per day Build-up& Dismantling days

Allied Services:

  • Installed Lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services
  • Full power back up Services
  • Cleaning Services after build up and during event days
  • Security Services including Metal Detectors, Walk through gates, Baggage Scanners and CCTV Cameras etc.
  • Cafeteria in operational mode
  • First Aid Room in operational mode
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